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Paydirt From The Glory Hole
Near Gold Road, Arizona!

Gold Road is in Arizona's San Francisco Mining district which includes the town of Oatman in Mohave County, AZ. Gold was discovered here in 1863 and this district produced over 2.0 million ounces of gold through 1959. That is more that all the gold ever produced in most states. Most of the gold produced here was taken from hard rock mines but the washes in this area carry gold that has been eroding from the loads for millions of years.

I sampled the gravel is hundreds of small washes with varying results and  finally found a deep "Glory Hole" in one small wash that produces lots of fines and a surprising amount of nice little nuggets. I am in the process of cleaning out this hole and vacuuming the bedrock and selling this paydirt in 2, 4, 10 and 20 pound bags.

I guarantee you will find gold in every bag!

2 Pounds

4 Pounds

10 Pounds

20 Pounds

+6.95 S&H

+6.95 S&H

+14.95 S&H

+14.95 S&H

This is a really nice pan of Arizona gold.

One of the local gold mines showing veins of mineralization common in this area.

An old grave marker reminds us that the Mohave desert is a dangerous
place with poisonous snakes, scorpions and other dangers.

Map showing the approximate location of our placer operation.

People buy gold mining concentrates from Megaton because they know what they are getting. Most buy them to pan out the gold but others buy them to test their mining equipment whether it is a trommel, highbanker, sluice, dredge, recirculating sluice, mini sluice, blue bowl, shaker table, drywasher or automatic panning wheel like the Desert Fox or Miner's Wheel. Regardless of how you are going to get the gold out, you will be very pleased with what is in our concentrates.

This is our Keene drywasher

Placer gold occurs along many of the intermittent and ephemeral streams of arid regions in Arizona. In places like Rich Hill, a large reserve of placer gold exists but the lack of a permanent water supply for conventional placer mining operations requires the use of expensive dry or semidry concentrating methods to recover the gold. That is why the gold is still here. Panning is the last step and we save that for you.

To those of you who frequent the online prospecting forums, I am known as Dakota Slim and I prospect with my dog Nugget. Here is a photo of the 14 pound Nugget at 8 weeks old. He is a bit bigger now.

We sell a lot of our paydirt in eBay. Click here to see our current listings. We guarantee there is real natural gold in each bag of paydirt we sell. You may find some other other heavy minerals like magnetite, hematite and silver but Rich Hill is famous for gold and that is why we go there. The gold that drywashers find at Rich Hill typically ranges from fine gold and pickers to small nuggets but Rich Hill is famous for large nuggets and they too are still being found. I found this monster 57 gram nugget in March of 2007. This nugget is almost 2 ounces!

*Please note that it is unlikely you will find a nugget this big in a bag of our paydirt. This nugget would not fit through the screen on our drywasher but smaller ones do and we do not take anything out before we bag the concentrates and ship them to you.

The 3 Rich Hill nuggets pictured below would fit into our drywasher. The 2 bigger nuggets are about 1/3 of an ounce each and the smaller nugget is 2.5 grams!

Please also note that we only ship on Fridays because we are a long way from town. We only come to town once a week to take on supplies (Milkbones for Nugget!) and ship out all items which have been bought and paid for before then. We ship everything by Priority Mail!

Gold panning is a great indoor or outdoor recreation and fun for young and old. It is fairly easy to learn how to pan for gold but we recommend that you classify your material first and then pan over something that will catch any gold you accidentally wash out of the pan. Any old tub or plastic container will catch the water, gravel and any gold you spill.

Here is some of our eBay feedback...

1/8/08 This is so much fun! I guess I have the fever now...:) Very fast shipping.

1/3/08 found lots of fine gold and a few flakes!!fast shipping

12/18/07 rapid shipping, lots of small gold and one small picker

12/18/07 good dirt! definitely a flash in the pan, first pan in fact. thanks

12/17/07 Test panned 0.5 pounds and found some good color Shipped quick

12/14/07 good seller more than fair on combined orders

12/3/07 Great seller, great merchandice, great price, fast delivery...thanks!

11/19/07 Superfast shipping. Found 3 nice pickers. Thanks

11/17/07 My gold wheel loves this paydirt! A+ product from an A+ ebay seller!

11/5/07 Very impressed! Best concentrate I've gotten by far. Best shipment, too. Thanks

10/30/07 Fast shipping and color in every pan! Thanks

10/29/07 Quick delivery, great fun panning, great communications A+++++++++++

10/22/07 Fast Shipper! --Exactly as described!! --FINE GOLD + PLUS +++

7/5/07 Very fast shipping, good color in first test pan. Highly recommended AAA

7/3/07 Transaction easily completed. Mostly small powder, 0.4 gram nugget.

6/11/07 Great transaction. Found good color. Thanks

4/29/07 Found gold in every pan. I'm happy with the total amount of gold I found.

4/18/07 Outstanding Gold and Seller. Safe and Fast Ship. Thanks a lot and God Bless

4/10/07 There is gold in this dirt! Only dirt to buy! Seller A++++++++++++++++++++++++

4/9/07 Great pay dirt. Thanks!

3/30/07 Delivered as advertised. Pretty gold.

3/27/07 Found gold pickers immediately! Good stuff! Cute dog that nugget is,he is GOLD!

3/26/07 Nice cons!! Found good color in just 2 spoonfuls!! I will be back for more!!!!!!

3/25/07 NICE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WILL BY AGAIN =)

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